Flat Earth and Stationary: Education
The best analysis and proofs are deleted from youtube at the speed of the light

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Combining: drying + heating => best improvement of the idea:
Marcos 1 year ago (edited) This comment will get lost in the 2,000 already made; I used his idea and improved on it. I added a funnel where the coupler enters the bucket to direct the flow of air further past the vent holes. I also covered the vent holes with an old dust mask that I had cut into square pieces. I used foil tape to affix the squares to the lid. When using a spade bit, get it started on one side and just cut into the surface, then flip the piece over and finish from the second side. The spurs on the bit will catch up to the scores and cut a neater hole. This applies to metal, wood, and plastic so that there is less reaming and clean-up. Instead of a knife, use a bar of wood as you would a drafting compass and affix it to the center of the lid with one screw. On the far end, screw a sharp drywall screw at the radius of the vent hose/coupler. This will result in a perfect seal that will not leak. The directing funnel can be made from a smaller diameter container. Hold it all together with three carefully placed screws. Home Depot sells 'Leaktite' branded lids made of soft plastic and with shallow edges which slip easily on and off the bucket.